Air Dancer Balloon For Hotel 1 Feet


Size: 10 Feet
Type: Air Dancer
Contains: Dancer and Blower
Material: Nylon
Brand: Ganesh Sky Balloon


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Air Dancer Balloon For Hotel 10 Feet

  • Long Lasting & Durable Material – GANESH SKY BALLOON Air Dancers️ are constructed with high strength polyamide nylon silk with added tarpaulin ensuring a long-lasting, flexible rip-proof product.
  • Perfect Promotional Gift – Is anyone close to you starting their new business or hosting an event? Surprise them with this innovative advertising gift and help them attract new customers in style
  • Cost-Effective Marketing Tool – Promote your business or grand opening event with our affordable dancing tube man, Air Dancers are a great way to get your business noticed at a low cost
  • Air Dancers inflatable tube man attachment height: 10 Feet | Attachment diameter: 18 inches | Blower Not Included.
  •    Designed to Grab Attention – the dynamic waving motion, fringed hair, eyes, and iconic face attract customers to your business and bring attention to whatever you’re promoting.
  • REUSABLE “DANCER” – High strength polyamide nylon silk added tarpaulin (parachute-like non-rip).More robust and easy to clean – Reuse to maximize your benefits!.
  • DIY & CUSTOM DANCER – MY GOD! Your thoughts dance in the air. Hurry up DIY your dancers or contact us. Let us help you customize. We have great customer service and our own factory.
  • 10 FEET TALL Inflatable Tube Man for advertising. The top is open ,it dances in the air like a funny tube man when it’s blown into the air. Nice and bright colors that stand twenty feet high and can be seen for miles. Customers can see it from far blocks away and brings in more sales.





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