Walking Air Inflatable Mickey Mouse Character Mascot 7.5 feet


Size   –  7.5 Feet

Brand – Ganesh Sky Balloon

Material – Nylon


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Walking Air Inflatable Mickey Mouse Character Mascot

Advertising Air Walking Inflatable

  • products are ideal for Theme Parties, School Fancy Dress Competitions, Annual Day Celebrations, Birthday gifts, Events, Religious Festivals, and for Adding Fun in Daily Life. Security-Guarantee, Durable, Waterproof, Eco Friendly.
  • Cartoon characters are a fun and easy way to express emotions.
  • This is inflatable Joker mascot for all events where are come kids this best itme for events shadi parti mall fare in any where
  • In line with clients” diverse requirements, we are involved in providing an optimum quality range of Inflatable Joker Character.
  • Included Components =1 DC blower air blower ,1DC charger , 2 12 volt Branded Battery , 6 months manufacturing warranty ,Logo ,Printing/Painting ,Battery Bag ,Carry Bag.

For giving various organizations and individuals to promote their product in an excellent manner, we are commercializing in a comprehensive collection of Advertising Air Walking Inflatable.

They can reach up to mass audience and have a last longing effect on the memory. These inflatable are widely utilized to advertise different products, services, events and other related things in the most dignified way.

They can be accessed by clients in accordance to their actual requirement. The Advertising Air Walking Inflatable have longevity and deserves the trust of each and every user.





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