Slider For Kids Bounce 12×17 Feet


Size: 12×17 Feet
Type: Slide Bouncy
Contains: Bouncy and Blower
Material: SRF Material
Brand: Ganesh Sky Balloon


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12×17 Feet Kids Slider Bouncy Jumping Jhula

  • Generous Size: With a spacious 12×17 Feet dimension, there’s ample room for kids and adults to jump and play together.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our bouncy is built to last. It can withstand energetic play and is resistant to punctures, ensuring long-lasting fun.
  • Dual Functionality: Experience the thrill of jumping on the spacious bouncing area, and then slide down the exhilarating slide for an added dose of excitement.
  • Safe and Secure: The bouncy features reinforced seams, a sturdy frame, and safety netting to provide a secure environment for endless play. Safety is our top priority!


  1. Unleash Energy and Creativity: Our Jumping Bouncy offers a healthy and active way for kids to burn off energy while engaging in imaginative play. It encourages physical activity and sparks creativity.
  2. Entertainment for All Ages: Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, family gathering, or community event, this inflatable attraction caters to both children and adults, ensuring an inclusive experience for everyone.
  3. Easy Setup and Portability: Setting up the bouncy is a breeze. It comes with an electric blower for quick inflation, and once deflated, it can be conveniently stored or transported in the included carrying bag.
  4. Social Interaction: Foster social connections and friendships as kids and adults come together to enjoy bouncing and sliding adventures. It’s an excellent icebreaker and a catalyst for laughter and shared memories.

Usage/Application: Our 8×8 Feet Jumping Bouncy is perfect for backyard parties, community events, school carnivals, indoor play centers, and any occasion where fun and entertainment are a priority. It’s a surefire way to make any gathering a memorable and joyful experience.


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